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Get Inspired With 2023's Top Trends In Exterior House Colors

Mar 9

Are you looking to spruce up the exterior of your home? If so, you’re in luck! 2023 is ushering in some bold and vibrant trends in exterior house colors that are sure to make your home stand out. From bold blues to cheerful yellows and everything in between, there is something for everyone when it comes to selecting a new color scheme for your home’s exterior. Read on to learn more about the top trends in exterior house painting for 2023.

The year 2023 brings with it an array of beautiful hues perfect for freshening up your home’s exterior. From classic neutrals like beige and gray, to bright pops of yellow, blue and green - these vibrant shades will add personality and charm to any space. Whether you prefer muted tones or vivid pops of color, there are many options available this year that can help bring your home into the modern age.

So if you’re looking to take the plunge into a new paint job this year, don’t look any further! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite exterior house colors for 2023 so you can get inspired with color ideas that will make your property shine! Keep reading to find out more about these exciting trends!

Color Selection Principles

Imagining a vibrant, welcoming outdoor space for your home evokes feelings of joy and contentment. With the new year rapidly approaching, now is an ideal time to explore the latest trends in exterior house colors. The key to creating a stunning, timeless color palette lies in understanding the principles behind selecting colors that work well together.

When it comes to exterior house colors, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the overall style of your home and how best to enhance its architecture with color. Take into account the size of your home and its existing features, such as windows and doors. Additionally, consider the environment in which your home exists—the type of climate and its natural surroundings. All these elements should be taken into consideration when selecting your colors.

The type of paint you choose is also essential when selecting an exterior house color scheme. Different types of paints vary in their durability and finish; some are better suited for specific applications than others. Be sure to consult with professionals about what type of paint will best meet your needs before making any decisions. With all these points considered, you can confidently create a beautiful color palette that complements both your home's style and its environment.

From choosing colors that reflect your personal style to understanding how they will interact with their surroundings, there is much to consider when selecting exterior house colors for 2023. With careful planning and thoughtfulness, you can create a unique look that stands out from the crowd and lasts for years to come. Now let’s take a look at some inspiring color palettes for 2023…

Color Palettes For 2023

As we explore the latest trends in exterior house colors for 2023, it's important to keep our individual style and environment in mind. With a few key principles guiding us, we can create a unique, timeless look that stands out from the crowd and lasts for years to come.

From bold and vibrant hues to soft pastels, this year has something for every taste and space. Bright yellow is a popular choice for creating an inviting atmosphere, while muted greens add sophistication and elegance. Shades of blues are perfect for homes with traditional architecture, while oranges offer a punch of energy and vibrancy.

For those looking to make a statement without being too flashy, there are plenty of earthy tones available that provide a subtle yet beautiful finish. From warm terracottas to deep browns, these shades will help you achieve an understated but sophisticated look.

Accent Colors

When it comes to adding an extra layer of pizzazz to your home's exterior, nothing quite beats accent colors. These hues are perfect for those who want to really bring their design scheme to life and create an unforgettable look. From bright whites and creams to subtle pastels and earthy tones, these accents can be used to add visual interest in a variety of ways. Here are some tips for working with accent colors:

  1. Think about balance: Accent colors should be used sparingly so that they don’t overpower the main color palette. Consider adding pops of color around windows or doors for maximum impact with minimal effort.
  2. Use contrast: Brightly colored accents can be used to draw attention to certain features of a home or add visual interest in unexpected places.
  3. Don’t forget texture: Adding texture such as brickwork or stonework can help enhance the look of any color scheme.

Accent colors are the perfect way to make a statement with your exterior house colors this year, no matter what your style may be! By carefully considering where you place them and how much contrast they create, you can ensure that your home looks truly unique and stands out from the crowd in all the right ways.

Natural Neutrals

For those who prefer a more natural look, neutrals are a great way to go. These timeless shades offer a subtle sophistication and blend seamlessly with any design style. From warm whites and creams to pale blues and grays, there are countless options when it comes to neutral exterior house colors. Here are some tips for incorporating neutrals into your home:

  • Choose the right shade: When selecting a neutral hue for your home’s exterior, opt for one that’s light enough to reflect sunlight but not so light that it looks washed out in the sun.
  • Add texture: To create visual interest and add dimension to your color scheme, layer different textures such as wood siding or stone facades.
  • Consider contrast: To make sure that your neutral-toned home stands out from its surroundings, consider adding accents of bright white or vivid color in unexpected places.

Neutral tones provide a classic look that will never go out of style, making them an excellent choice for exterior house colors this year. With careful consideration of texture, contrast and shade, you can create a timeless yet sophisticated aesthetic with ease.

Where To Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration for exterior house colors can be a challenge, but there are plenty of sources to tap into. One great way to start is by browsing through home design and lifestyle magazines or websites for ideas. You can also find inspiration by looking at the latest trends in paint color palettes from major paint suppliers. Finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be time to turn to a professional for advice. A professional designer can help you choose the most suitable shades for your home and create a unique look that reflects your style and taste.


As you consider the options for your exterior house color in 2023, remember to take the time to find inspiration and seek out professional advice. While there are many trends and palettes to choose from, choosing a color that reflects your personal style is key.

The right exterior house color can make all the difference in creating the perfect home. Whether you’re going for timeless tradition or something more daring, exploring all the options available will help you find one that fits your individual style. With careful consideration and expert guidance, you can create an exterior house look that will stand out in 2023 and beyond.

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