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Dec 26

The idea of a focus point is frequently discussed in the field of design. It is a fundamental design idea that extends beyond interior design. Everything from photography and art to fashion uses it; in fact, you might unintentionally be thinking about it as you put on your clothes in the morning. So, what exactly is a focal point?


In general, what draws the attention in is the focal point of a scene, a space, or a standout item of clothing. Toronto House Painting pros understand when discussing a living room, the living room's focal point is typically more dramatic than the space's other features, making it the area you notice first. Think about entering a room that is completely white as an illustration. A large window acting as the lone object in the space will draw your attention first, making it the focal point.


Toronto Home Painters believes a focal point adds what to a living room! It aids in bringing the area into balance and acts as an anchor point. If you don't establish a focal point, your room's minor components may feel disorganised and unconnected to one another. It's a crucial component of any room and something you should absolutely take into account while remodelling your living room.


The biggest secret about focal points is that you can use more than one. Most living rooms have a few naturally eye-catching features, so it only makes sense to highlight them! (For instance, you don't have to pick just one feature to emphasise if you have a really cool sofa, a fireplace, and a big picture window on different walls.) Toronto Home Painters recommends to consider how they function as a unit before beginning to design your area. When you first enter a room, you might see one thing, but as soon as you sit down, your attention will turn to the object just across from you. It can be as easy as how you arrange your furniture to draw attention to several different things, at once, or how you use color in your space. 



So, now that you are aware of what a focal point is, how can you locate one in your living room? Let's start by examining components that are already present in the area. Check out the walls first. There are usually only one or two whole walls in a living room that are free of doors or closets, making them excellent choices for focal points. There are several methods to bring attention to walls, from wallpaper and accent walls painted in vibrant colours to incorporating furniture like art or mirrors.

Another excellent example of a built-in feature that serves as a focal point is a fireplace. If you have a mantle, you can use paint or other decorative elements to make it stand out. You can also place your TV or a cool piece of artwork over the mantle to make it stand out even more. They naturally serve as a focus point because they add some additional texture and break up a solid wall.

Toronto Home Painters insists that windows are also unquestionably prominent features in a space, particularly if they offer a stunning perspective and are large. You don't necessarily need to add much to it if your window is at the opposite end of the room from the doorway because your eye will focus on it naturally. To make tiny windows stand out more, you may think about using that wall as a feature or positioning a piece of statement furniture in front of the window.



Bold colour is one of our favourite ways to make a room's focal piece stand out. Keep the other walls in a more subdued, natural colour and pick one wall to focus on. Toronto House Painting pros believes you might want to add some cool wallpaper to a blank wall or paint it a vibrant colour to really make your sofa stand out or help showcase an artwork.

Make a list of a couple of your favourite items in the space and choose a colour that matches the colours in those items to get the ideal shade for your feature wall. You should also consider whether you want to paint the built-in parts of your chosen wall, such as a fireplace mantle or bookshelf, a different colour to make them stand out or if you want them to blend in a little more.


Gold Painters may assist you when you're ready to remodel your living room and make those fantastic focus points! We provide free consultations so that we can visit and assess your area and assist you in determining what you require. We're here to help, whether you need assistance choosing colours or suggestions for organising your focal points. You'll be delighted when painting day comes and your living room is fully transformed in just one day! Request your free, no-obligation estimate today from our expert Toronto Home Painters to get going!