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Professional Staircase Painting Service

Oct 17

Staircase Painting and Staining

Painting a stairway is often overlooked when painting the inside of the home. However, it’s a major focal point and will be seen by not only you but your guests and visitors. At Visions Painting and Stucco, we offer painting and staining services for staircases in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas. 

Our professional painters and stainers will repair your staircase, stopping any creaking and making it feel brand new. It'll also tie in with the rest of the decor, which will make your home look effortlessly entrancing.

The Painting and Renovation Process

Our team of experienced painters follow a process when painting, staining and finishing staircases:

  1. Get a free quote via phone, email or in-person

  2. Have our team come and inspect your stairs for repairs

  3. Perform repairs, if needed

  4. Clean, sand, and vacuum stairs

  5. Apply paint or stain to stairs and banisters

  6. Apply finish of your choosing

  7. Clean up the area we worked in

  8. Check in after sometime to ensure that the quality of work has held up after we’ve left

While staining mainly applies to wood stairs, we also paint cement stairs and repair old stairs when you want to modernize your home and make the staircase fit in with other renovations you’ve completed when wanting to give your home a new lease on life.

Choosing a professional painting contracting company will give your staircase the best look as they have the required tools and expertise to perform the work. Our team of experts at Visions Painting and Stucco will give you our best whenever hired and ensure that you received the utmost professionalism and satisfaction.

As the staircase is usually something that gets overlooked when painting and renovating a home. We will ensure to give your staircase the time and care they deserve when they get refinished. We will help you pick the perfect colors of paint or stain to match the rest of the color scheme throughout your home and be repaired to avoid creaks and noise as well any warped or rotted wood, chipped cement or splintered old stairs.

If you live in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas and are looking for an upgrade to your staircase or just want to give them a new life., call us today for a free estimate.



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