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Questions to ask before hiring a Painting Contractor

Sep 14

It can be uncomfortable for homeowners to hire contractors. How can you find the right company to work in your home with the least risk? These are questions you should ask potential painting contractors Denver in order to make sure that they are trustworthy and reliable to finish your residential painting project.

  1. Do you provide free estimates?

Most honest contractors and painting companies will not charge you a fee for providing an estimate on your project. If you have difficulty choosing the right colors, some contractors will offer color consultations as part of your estimate.

Ask why estimates are charged by companies. Do they provide a service that you don't need? It is possible to get free estimates and then decide if you need a paid estimate.

Accept only in-home estimates and not quotes over-the phone. Estimates should be considered as an individual home. Meet with the contractor and take a walk through your home. This will ensure that the contractor has an accurate understanding of what you want.

  1. Are there any references you can provide?

Google reviews can be misleading as they lack details and feedback from customers. Ask if the company has had customers in your area. Also, where can you find those reviews. Verified reviews can also be found on search sites like BBB or Yelp.

  1. Are you a member of trade associations or the Better Business Bureau?

Members of trade associations, such as BBB, require painting contractors to maintain a minimum level of customer satisfaction and meet professional standards. They are active members of trade organizations that demonstrate they have met those professional standards.

  1. How many residential painting jobs have you completed in a single year and for how long?

It is essential to decide if you are prepared to take on an inexperienced company who might not specialize in residential painting. Although they may offer lower rates, the newer companies will not have references or reviews to compare. These companies might not be eligible for memberships in trade organizations because they are so new.

Longevity and more experience companies are more likely be around to honor their warranty and be available for you if you need them again. You will be double your efforts in choosing a painting company after you have done all the research.

  1. Which materials are you using?

Ask the company which brands they use, including paint, brushes, and sprayers. Contractors can extend their professional warranty by using high-quality paints. This will save you time and money as you won't have to redecorate areas that are cracked or faded. Knowing the paint brands used by the company will allow you to find the right color for your project. Is it possible to tell the difference between Benjamin Moore’s Amazon Moss or PPG’s Blarney stone?

  1. How much preparation is required?

Avoid any Denver painters who intend to paint and then walk out. If you are offered a warranty, it is important to prepare your home properly. You will need to repaint your home if it isn't prepared correctly before painting begins.

You should ensure that the painting contractor plans to properly prepare the area and protect any areas you don’t want painted. It is not a good idea to use overspray when repainting a deck to cover the exterior paint of your home.

  1. Who will be responsible for my project? Do they work for me as employees?

Make sure that the people you hire for painting your home are actually the ones doing the actual work. Many companies subcontract labor. Workers subcontracting labor are not required to have insurance or be background checked. You can be sure that you are aware of who will be working around your home. Each worker must be background checked and drug tested before they are hired. You can also choose to only hire employees from a company that has full insurance.

  1. What would my primary point of contact be and when is it available?

Are you able to contact the owner of the company? Is the owner also responsible for overseeing your project? A one-man-show might make it difficult to maintain consistent communication.

Larger companies will have staff available to help you during business hours with any questions, scheduling, or changes to your contract. You can establish the right expectations by knowing who to contact for what purpose.

  1. Are you able to offer safety training or a program for your employees?

Only hire a painting contractor that follows OSHA safety standards. The company can't guarantee that subcontractors have had safety training if they are part of the crew.

You want to make sure that the painters who work on surfaces with high or unusual heights are following safety guidelines to avoid any accidents. Contractors who work with lead paint may need to have an EPA Lead Safe Certification.

  1. What are your professional quality standards

Did you know that the Painting Contractors Association has established industry-wide painting standards? These requirements are set by reputable companies and used as a guideline for measuring their work. They do more than just do a good job. They pride themselves on providing high-quality work done in a professional manner.

  1. What is the warranty's duration and what does it/not cover?

Two-year workmanship warranties are standard, but each company's policy will differ. To understand the requirements for maintaining or requesting corrections under warranty, make sure you carefully read the company warranty. They are not required to correct any errors if they don't offer a warranty.

  1. Are you insured? Do you have proof of insurance?

If something goes wrong with your painting project, you could lose all your insurance. You could also be held responsible if your worker is hurt at home. You should ensure that the company you hire has a minimum of $1 million in general liability insurance and worker's comp insurance, which are required in most states.

  1. What are your payment terms Are you able to pay an upfront deposit?

A deposit may be required by smaller companies that don't have sufficient capital to guarantee scheduling and purchase of materials. This is quite common. You can also receive an invoice from other companies after the work has been completed. This will ensure that you receive what you paid for. Before signing a contract, be sure to understand the payment terms.

Finding the Right Painting Contractor

To find the right fit for your project, you will need to identify what qualities are most important to you in a painter. Sometimes the cheapest option may not be the best. Are they looking out for your best interests? Do they treat your home as if it was their own? Was it easy to find the answers you sought? These questions will help you make an informed decision.

Jay's Painting LLC is a fully insured and licensed company. They take pride in their craft excellence. Get a free estimate if you're looking for a reliable residential painter in Denver.


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