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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Services

Sep 10

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing in Hamilton

We'll take care of your home with our cabinet painting services.

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is choosing to repaint your kitchen. If you're looking for a new painting job on your kitchen cabinets than Visions is the company you need. Visions Painting has been a leading painting company in the Hamilton area. They offer kitchen cabinet painting, Stucco, interior and exterior wood painting and other services. Visions delivers quality work and customer satisfaction.

Steps to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

To start the journey to your new kitchen, you can request a free in-person or virtual estimate. From there, once you have approved our free estimate, we will schedule a time to begin painting. Within a week from the time we start, your kitchen will be transformed with newly painted cupboards that you will fall in love with immediately.

The seven steps that we follow when painting kitchen cupboards:

  1. Remove all off the doors and shelves (If they can be removed)

  2. Clean and degrease cabinets

  3. Sand and apply the primer to the cabinets

  4. Paint the cabinets

  5. Fix, prep and caulk the cabinet doors

  6. Sand, prime and paint cabinet doors

  7. Re-apply cabinet doors

Let Us Paint it for You

While painting can be a fun activity to share with family or friends, having professionals complete the task is something that you can’t pass up. There are several reasons why you should have a painting company paint your kitchen cupboards, including:

  • There’s no room for error as they have many specialties and pay attention to the details that are sometimes overlooked by homeowners who choose to paint themselves including using the wrong products or tools, choosing the wrong color, ignoring essential prep work, and applying the paint the wrong way can lead to huge headache, which will all be avoided by professionals.

  • We take preparation in great detail. From scrubbing, stripping, and sanding all surfaces, to vacuuming the sand out of the cabinets to avoid sand getting into the paint when it’s applied, we make sure that every precaution measure is taken when preparing your cabinets to be painted.

  • We will have the job completed in a timely and convenient manner. We are efficient and make sure that we complete all of the proper steps in the fastest time possible. Within a week, your kitchen cabinets will be transformed flawlessly into the cupboards you’ve always dreamed of.


From a new layer of paint in a single room to a professional renovation of your entire home or office, call Visions Painting today. 



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