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What Exterior Paint Color Is Hardest To Sell Your Home?

May 3

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Know the type of exterior paint color that will make your house hard to sell.

A home is where you spend most of your years, especially if you are a stay-at-home parent or a person who loves being at home. It should be the first place where you will feel comfortable and at peace. The paint color is one of the aspects that can make you feel that way. That is why it is essential to choose the right color.

You should be more careful about the interior and exterior paint color if you sell the property because a newly painted house can make it look expensive but only if you got the right shade of color. Your choice of color won’t matter because not all people have the same taste. It would be best if you asked the experts so that it will sell like hotcakes because an excellent color choice can also attract buyers.



The first thing you need to remember is never to paint the house with weird colors and try to be unique; it is always good to stick with the one with mass appeal to get more prospects.

So, what are the colors to avoid if you are selling your home? Based on research from real estate companies, the colors that is hard to sell when painted on the property that they are selling are:

  • Dark Brown - it will make the house small and add a lonely vibe to the people living in it. And can also means uninviting looks.
  • Tree Green - although green is considered suitable for the eyes, it is not good to make it as exterior paint, especially if a luscious green garden surrounds the house.
  • Pink - this color can be charming, but if you choose this as exterior paint, you will have a hard time selling the property, especially if the buyer is a guy who is so particular about colors. Always choose a safe one for any gender.
  • Slate Gray - gray may look modern and up to date, but they find it hard to sell houses with the gray exterior color.